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Our Services

As part of our services, we provide the investor with comprehensive care, from the beginning to the completion and commissioning of the building. Our key services include project management, construction management and also technical supervision. In our work, we draw on many years of experience, not only from the Czech market but also from foreign practice. 

We provide comprehensive supervision and management of the entire investment construction process for the client. We manage the project from the initial stage of preparation to the commissioning of the building. We focus on the correct setting of the management model, organizational structure, tender processes and financial plan.

Processing the project assignment and setting client's goals

Creation of the organizational structure of the project to achieve the goals effectively

Adherence to the project schedule and budget

Environmentally friendly, yet efficient construction

We act as the general contractor for the construction part of the project. Together with the investor, we select the best possible construction contractors, ensure the preparation of tenders, technical construction management and coordination activities. Through responsible preparation, effective management and significantly lower overhead, we can save costs and shorten the duration of the construction. If necessary, we can effectively deal with construction changes throughout the process.  

Technical construction management

Selection of contractors for individual parts of the construction

Adherence to the project schedule and budget

Effective solution to project changes resulting from savings and user requirements

We fully represent the client in professional activities during the preparation and completion of the construction. The technical supervisor supervises the execution of the work in an adequate quality, the specified deadlines and adherence to the approved budget. 

Protection of the investor's interests in relation to other construction participants

Elimination of incorrect technical solutions during the preparation of building design

Inspection of completed work

Assessment of suitability of technological procedures and proposed technical solutions

Cost management significantly contributes to the financial sustainability of the project. Our cost manager collaborates on the project in the compilation of the cost estimate and continuously participates in the preparation of standards to maintain the required level of costs. 

Adherence to the specified cost level

Total cost savings

Tender procedures

Checks of the list of work performed, invoicing and change sheets

In all phases of the project, we ensure compliance with the principles of occupational safety and health. Our experts check compliance with work safety in relation to all construction contractors. 

Elaboration of the OSH plan

Notification of the construction at the Labour Inspectorate

Continuous inspection of compliance with OSH principles on the construction site

We ensure the legislative approval of the construction, from the zoning decision and building permit to the building approval. Obtaining the appropriate permits is not only an administrative procedure but always requires careful time coordination with other activities. 

Representation of the investor in negotiations with state administration authorities and network administrators

Securing all kinds of legislative permits

Assessment of compliance of the investment plan with the zoning plan, construction regulations or other conditions

We provide consulting, advisory and supervisory activities that the client can use in all phases of the project preparation and during the construction.

Elaboration of professional, technical and expert opinions

Investment project assessment

Processing of price balance sheets

Technical analysis

We process all levels of building design for the client. We pay attention to the efficiency of the building design, detailed coordination of individual professions and compliance with the specified implementation costs of the designed building while maintaining the required function. During the architecture and planning phase, we use our rich experience from already completed constructions.

Building design processing according to client's requirements

Processing of professional parts of project documentation